Beautiful from Behind

Times Art Center Berlin, »Readings from below«, »Eisenbrunnen« (2020) von Yuichiro Tamura, 2020. © Jannis Uffrecht

Berlin Art Week is taking place for the tenth time in 2021: an occasion for a brief look back in pictures.

For the past decade, during each Berlin Art Week photographers have captured and documented not just countless works of art, exhibitions, and events, but also taken pictures of those attending all these events and exhibitions, looking at the artworks: the visitors themselves.

Art viewing relies on a strange dialectic of togetherness and solitude, something that has become especially clear over the past year and a half when museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces had to close as part of the lockdown. What was missing, what was lacking from the experience before the computer screen at home was not just the immediate physical aspect of many artworks, but also the shared public spaces in which the works are normally viewed, all of us on our own, in contemplation, but then also together and ideally also in exchange with others, with friends and strangers. And as self-evident as that seemed all these years, the possibilities and availability of this activity called art viewing, solitude in togetherness, this loose next to/with one another in the face of art, is something that we should recall once again in all its fragility.

For art viewing. For art’s beholders.

n.b.k., 2014 © Oana Popa

Kindl—Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, 2018 © Oana Popa
Neue Nationalgalerie, 2013 © Oana Popa
Messe abc art berlin contemporary, 2014 © Oana Popa

Kindl—Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, 2019 © Conrad Bauer
Neue Nationalgalerie, 2015 © Oana Popa

2019 © Conrad Bauer
Times Art Center Berlin, 2020 © Jannis Uffrecht
Berlinische Galerie, Andreas Greiner, Gasag Kunstpreis 2016 © Harry Schnitger

2019 © Magnus Pettersson
2012 © Andrea Ongaro

Sprüth Magers, Installation Barbara Kruger, 2017 © Antje Schröder
2019 © Conrad Bauer
Berlinische Galerie, Marc Bauer, 2020 © Carolin Weinkopf

2020 © Conrad Bauer
me Collectors Room, 2018 © Oana Popa