Cevdet Erek

Larger Daf without Skin, 2023 © Cevdet Erek. Courtesy the artist and neugerriemschneider, Berlin. Photo: Barış Özçetin

Cevdet Erek on checking the sky on a daily basis, the music of Rush and walks on the beach after hours of working

What are you working on at the moment?
Working on details of the exhibition ›in circulation‹ at neugerriemschneider

What are you reading or listening to right now?
Some early 80s Rush albums when traveling last days

What does good art education/outreach require?
Curiosity and discussion I guess

Do you have a favourite building?
Not one

Is there someone you would like to meet?
Someone that I don’t know

Do you have a daily ritual?
Waking up and checking the sky and wind

What accessory or object could you not be without?
Phone unfortunately

What does sustainability mean for you?
Elimination of toxics and inheritance of vital essence?

What do you think Berlin’s artistic and cultural landscape needs?
Not knowledgeable enough to answer

What do you do when you’re done working?
Walk to the seaside, if I am free enough