He Xiangyu, Untitled, 2017. Foto: Boros Collection, Berlin © NOSHE
He Xiangyu, Untitled, 2017.

Discover the Boros Collection, the Haus am Waldsee and Berlin (a)live online

Small Talks of the Boros Collection

During closing time, the Boros Collection invites its guests to the bunker via the online format Small Talks for digital art education. The videos provide insights into the collection, each focusing on a specific artistic position or on one aspect of the history or architecture of the site. Each host is an art mediator from the Boros team, which consists of artists, designers, art historians, and art critics. Director Juliet Kothe will make the start with the works of the Chinese artist He Xiangyu.

Many more insights will follow until the doors of the bunker can open again and the dialogue can continue on site. Furthermore, the Boros Collection presents the series Talks, comprising of discussions, lectures and interviews with artists and art experts. Yngve Holen explains his working practice and the absurdity of a belief in the goods of our time, the role of Ai Weiwei in contemporary Chinese art is discussed and many other topics—also highly recommended!

Digital Diaries, Consultations, and Performances at the Haus am Waldsee

The Haus am Waldsee gives artists the floor: In a Corona Journal artists who have exhibited at the Haus am Waldsee over the past years answer how they are doing these days. When social life is shut down, artistic work is not left untouched: exhibitions are put on hold, presentations in galleries, art fairs are eliminated. Artists around the globe have already sent their entries to the Journal: Bettina Blohm from New York, Marcel van Eeden from Indochina, Shahar Marcus from Tel Aviv, Markus Jeschaunig from Graz, Tobias Rehberger from Frankfurt.

In addition, the visual artist, painter, and trained psychoanalyst Clemens Krauss offers individual psychoanalytic sessions online with his Isolation Consultation. And with the artistic voice of the artwork Applause by Via Lewandowsky the Haus am Waldsee in the digital space around the clock will be in tune with the applause for all the helpers and caretakers.

Bernhard Martin, Geh in Dich, 2010, Collage.
Bernhard Martin, Geh in Dich, 2010, Collage.

Berlin (a)live

In times of physical distance, Berlin (a)live brings art and culture directly into the living room. Empty galleries and exhibition spaces, cancelled performances, guided tours being dropped: The current situation is not only taking away the physical audience for cultural programmes, it is also tearing deep holes in the wallets of those involved in art and culture, not the least artists. The new digital platform Berlin (a)live, a joint project of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Berlin agency 3pc, with the support of Kulturprojekte Berlin and many more, bundles all Berlin’s cultural offerings as a digital event calendar:

Livestreams of discussions, performances, concerts, readings, guided tours through studios, or vernissages. All those involved in the arts and culture can post their events here. The donation button underneath each event can be used to directly support the offers, thus not only preserving the audience’s attention in art, but also ensuring its continued existence. So that Berlin’s cultural diversity is preserved until we can get closer again: Stay safe. Stay tuned. Show solidarity!

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