Noah Klink

Noah Klink. Foto: Margareta von Oswald
Noah Klink

Noah Klink, one of three nominees for the VBKI-Preis Berliner Galerien, answers the twelve questions in our questionnaire

What are you working on right now?
I’m working on a solo exhibition of work by Josefine Reisch, which will be held during Berlin Art Week 2020.

What part of your work do you like best, what part do you like least?
I like working with artists, art mediation, and selling art. Office work isn’t my thing.

Who or what has influenced you in your work?
My girlfriend Greta, whose enthusiasm and curiosity truly influences my work.

What artwork do you keep coming back to?
The ›Miss Riley‹ rocket by Cosima von Bonin. The rocket is impressively large and pleasantly thick.

What would you do if you had nothing to do with art?
I think I’d be somewhere between a social worker and a real estate agent.

What does your workspace look like?
It depends on the time of day. It usually starts with a laptop and a cup of coffee and ends with dirty clothes.

Where do you most like to spend time?
In a horizontal position. It’s relaxing.

What space would you like to enter sometime?
I would like to be able to float, so I would like to enter the universe.

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re alone?
Listen to music and dream. 

What object enriches your everyday life?
My phone is my constant and faithful companion.

What are you reading right now? And what interests you about it?
I’m currently reading the book ›Public Collectors‹ by Marc Fischer; my friend Carl gave it to me as a present. It’s interesting because it documents and problematizes unusual collections outside of institutions and museums, thereby challenging the definition of collecting and processes of appraisal and value creation.

What was your last trip before the lockdown? Your first when it lifted?
I was at the Therme Vals in Switzerland.

Josefine Reisch. Framing
3 SEP—3 OCT 2020
Special opening hours Berlin Art Week
10—11 SEP, 11am—6pm,
12—13 SEP, noon—6pm

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