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›BAW Garten‹. A Date with caner teker (HAU Hebbel am Ufer), Su Yu Hsin (alexander levy) and (Ignaz Schick, Liebig12)

Artist talk

On this date, we’ll get to know artists from this year’s Berlin Art Week programme better and learn about the role that art plays in their lives. Moderated by the performance collective Gob Squad, we will obtain personal portraits as close ups of the guests, from their favourite food to dream images. The audience shouldn’t expect a dry interview, but a playful approach.

For 25 years now, the Gob Squad collective has worked between the realms of theatre, art, and the media with its productions and live performance, always in search of beauty in the banal. Gob Squad was founded in Nottingham, England by students at Nottingham Trent University and graduates of Universität Gießen’s programme in theatre studies. Berlin has been their artistic centre and production location since 1999.


A Date with caner teker, HAU Hebbel am Ufer
in German

A Date with Su Yu Hsin, alexander levy
in English

A Date with Ignaz Schick, Liebig12
in German


caner teker
Born in Duisburg in 1994, caner teker is a supporter, survivor and choreographer living between Amsterdam, Berlin and Düsseldorf. caner teker has a degree in fine arts from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and has studied at SNDO—School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam. Their work deals with the intersectional entanglements of identity, work, and post-migration in the context of their personal experience as a German-Turk as well as the immigration history of their own family. ›karadeniz‹ is transformatively investigating the intersections of Turkish weddings, rituals and affinity politics.
Berlin Art Week programme: ›karadeniz‹, HAU3

Su Yu Hsin
Su Yu Hsin, born 1989, is a Taiwanese artist and filmmaker currently based in Berlin. She approaches ecology from the point of view of its close relationship with technology. In her film and video installations, her artistic research reflects on technology, ecology, and the critical infrastructure in which the human and non-human converge.
Berlin Art Week programme: A Frame of Reference, alexander levy

Ignaz Schick
Ignaz Schick, born 1972 in Torstberg/Bavaria, works as an experimental turntablist, composer, sound & visual artist and curator. In his youth he studied the saxophone, learned jazz under the mentorship of Don Cherry, worked and assisted for the contemporary composer Josef Anton Riedl and studied Fine Arts at the Art Academy in Munich. He lives and works in Berlin since 1995 where he became an internationally recognized figure of the experimental music and sound art scene. He has received numerous stipends and grants and curated/organized various festivals in Berlin and abroad.
Berlin Art Week programme: Ignaz Schick::The Theorie of Everything, Liebig12

›BAW Garten‹ in cooperation with Gob Squad

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