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›BAW Garten‹. A Date with Igor Vidor (Berlinische Galerie), Katja Aufleger (Kindl—Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst) and Mara Wohnhaas (BQ, Gallery Weekend *Discoveries)

Artist talk

On this date, we’ll get to know artists from this year’s Berlin Art Week programme better and learn about the role that art plays in their lives. Moderated by the performance collective Gob Squad, we will obtain personal portraits as close ups of the guests, from their favourite food to dream images. The audience shouldn’t expect a dry interview, but a playful approach.

For 25 years now, the Gob Squad collective has worked between the realms of theatre, art, and the media with its productions and live performance, always in search of beauty in the banal. Gob Squad was founded in Nottingham, England by students at Nottingham Trent University and graduates of Universität Gießen’s programme in theatre studies. Berlin has been their artistic centre and production location since 1999.


A Date with Igor Vidor, Berlinische Galerie
in English

A Date with Katja Aufleger, Kindl—Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst
in German

A Date with Mara Wohnhaas, BQ, Gallery Weekend *Discoveries
in German


Igor Vidor
Igor Vidors sculptures, performances, and videos convey signs of deep-rooted violence and social injustice in people's everyday lives. He reflects how these conditions are repeated again and again as a result of Brazilian politics. His recent works analyze the influence of the European countries and the United States, notably the role the arms trade has played in the spread of violence in Brazil and Latin America.
Berlin Art Week programme: Igor Vidor in the IBB Videospace, Berlinische GalerieI

Katja Aufleger
Katja Aufleger lives and works in Berlin. In 2013 she completed her studies in Fine Arts at the HFBK Hamburg. Aufleger's video works, sculptures and installations combine aesthetic precision, humour and critical observations of social contexts and systems. Her works are located beyond what is represented. They realise themselves in a premonition or an imagination of the subject. This is often triggered by the title of the work, such as ›BANG!‹ for glass flacons whose chambers contain substances that would cause an explosion if they came together.
Berlin Art Week programme: Ende Neu. Gruppenausstellung, Kindl—Centre for Contemporary Art

Mara Wohnhaas
Mara Wohnhaas, born 1997, still studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the class of Rita McBride. For her first exhibition ›Rekommandeur‹ at BQ, she has built an abstract funfair ride out of metallic elements and takes a seat in its cubicle herself.
Berlin Art Week programme: Rekommandeur, Galerie BQ as part of Gallery Weekend *Discoveries

›BAW Garten‹ in cooperation with Gob Squad

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