Jon Rafman (*1981) is a Canadian, Los Angeles-based artist and filmmaker known for his multi-media practice encompassing video, animation, photography, sculpture and installation. One of the key voices emerging from the post-internet moment, Rafman's work explores subjects of fantasy, world building, online subcultures, and the virtual world of gaming. Taking inspiration from the web’s deeper and darker fringes, he explores the influence of the internet and its effects on our human consciousness and psyche, in both the dual-sense of community and alienation it exacerbates. 

On the occasion of Berlin Art Week Jon Rafman will present two new narrative film works in the Schinkel Pavillon's iconic lower-level. ›Minor Daemon, Vol. 1 (2021)‹ tells the story of two intersecting lives and fortunes of two young men Billy and Minor Daemon, set in a surreal virtual dystopia not unlike our own. In ›Punctured Sky (2022)‹ a gamer’s past coalesces with uncanny obstacles, part-human avatars and early internet aesthetics as we follow him on an unsettling journey through the dark web in search of an old computer game which has seemingly disappeared from the internet without a trace. 

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