Exhibition Opening

Seven Avant-Gardes, Seven Utopias

Lettrisme, CoBrA, Lettrisme Internationale, Bauhaus Immaginista, Internationale Situationniste, Nouveau Réalisme, SPUR

Saint-Germain-des-Prés was the world’s hot spot for avantgardistic though sometimes utopian ideas in art and social thinking in the years after World War II. The surrealists were fighting for survival. New movements cropped up: ›Lettrisme‹ (Isidore Isou, 1945), ›CoBrA‹ (Asger Jorn, 1948), ›Internationale Lettriste‹ (Guy Debord, 1952). Italy became home of ›Arte Nucleare‹ (Enrico Baj, 1952), ›Bauhaus Immaginista‹ (Asger Jorn and Piero Simondo, 1953) and ›Pintura Industriale‹ (Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio, 1955). They all had similar utopian thoughts. With the exception of Isou’s original ›Lettrisme‹ and ›Arte Nucleare‹ those new movements were merged into Debord’s ›Internationale Situationniste‹. All these creative thinkers fought—sometimes united but sometimes against each other—for glory and intellectual supremacy. But all of them wished to enter history not just as artists but as architects of a paradisian society in a better world. 

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Opening: 14 SEP, 7pm

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