The body, like the bog, is a site of contradiction. Internal conflict, inherited trauma, and frayed nervous systems are interwoven with physiological capacities for sensitivity, pleasure, and renewal. The body is as much a vessel to luxuriate in as it is one to die in. Bogs remind us that bodies do not need to meet the traditional definition of fertile, and that those deviances from the norm have been deemed trivial or even dangerous. 

There are aspects of the bog ecology that make us want to dwell there, face down in the mud. They are fermentation pits for earth’s residue, including toxic runoff from capitalist extraction and urbanisation—we can relate. Skills sets like preservation and petrification are deemed less valuable than growth and production, and for that they are desecrated. The non-harmonious communality of the bog teaches us that differences do not need resolving. 

We live in these flesh suits, and their life cycles foster a human relationship to time, but by sitting in the timescape of the bog, Coven Berlin’s ›Somabog‹ slows things down. This immersive performance format creates the conditions for deep listening, somatic excavation, decolonizing the lineages of body practices, and delving into the deep rhythm of reproductive labor. Events run long, there are beds in the space, and guided meditations help you dig for peaty parts of your somatic body that you might not recognize. Amidst the hurry of Berlin Art Week, the ›Somabog‹ will give ample time for you to encounter the poetics of your lived experience, your body, and how you dwell within it.


Thu 16 SEP 2021
7—9 pm
Ambient DJ set performed by MINQ
Language: English
(Without registration)

Fri 17 SEP 2021
Slow Transitions: Workshop by Natal Igor Dobkin
Language: English
(Registration at

Sat 18 SEP 2021
›Ocean‹: A system powered by Daniela Bershan in collaboration with Deborah Birch, Sara Leghissa, Sabrina Seifried. Performed and guided by Daniela Bershan, Sara Leghissa, Kate McIntosh, and Sabrina Seifried.
Drop-by durational performance (without registration)

Sun 19 SEP
Sonic Utopias | Research Lab: Workshop by MINQ
Language: English
(Registration at

African Transmutational Practices: A ritual by Daddypuss Rex
Language: English
(Registration at

›Ocean‹ will remain accessible to the public as an audio installation at Kunstpunkt until 26 SEP 2021.

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Access note:

The venue is barrier-free but the gender-neutral toilets are not. The space is such that there are big windows that open to a large public outdoor area, so the indoor spaces are well ventilated. Chairs with backs are available and speakers will be given microphones. 

Please come with a negative Corona test result (or vaccination or COVID recovery). When indoors, everyone needs to wear a mask. When moving around outside, you also need a mask, unless you are seated with appropriate distance from others. 

If you have needs that we can help accommodate to ensure your participation in these events, such as childcare, translation or pick-up from public transportation, please send us an email to:

Kunstpunkt is close to the U-Bahn Station Naturkundemuseum, S-Bahn Station Nordbahnhof and the stops of the tram M12, M5, M6, M8, M10.

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