Isolation (52°33’44.1”N 14°03’12.8”E)—Bernhard Landen & Fabian Knecht

On the occasion of the Berlin Art Week, the program ›Ec(centri)City – Die exzentrische Stadt‹ presents a selected film program that shows numerous, in part previously unpublished critical and visionary films around the eccentric city by 11 international artists.

Isolation (52°33’44.1”N 14°03’12.8”E) (2020), Bernhard Landen & Fabian Knecht, 8 min.

Debuting at Akademie der Künste, this film documents the creation of artist Fabian Knecht’s epic site-specific installation Isolation (52°33’44.1”N 14°03’12.8”E) in Buckow, Märkische Schweiz in 2019. Comprising three interconnected ›white-cube‹ gallery rooms containing a complex landscape of plants, fallen logs, mud and a small stream, this architectural installation ›framed‹ a piece of the world, twisting visitor perspectives on nature and artifice.