Leif Randt

Opening—KINDL—Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst

›Take me with you‹ takes you on a photographic tour through the openings of Berlin Art Week and presents the events through the eyes of Mirna Funk, Mikey Woodbridge, Kat Kaufmann, and many more!

Leif Randt is a German writer. His photos take you to the opening of the exhibitions ›Lerato Shadi. Maru a Pula Is a Song of Happiness‹, ›Nik Nowak. Schizo Sonics‹, ›Ann Oren. Passage‹ and ›The Invented History‹ at KINDL—Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst on 11 SEP 2020.


Nik Nowak. Schizo Sonics
13 SEP 2020—16 MAY 2021
Lerato Shadi. Maru a Pula Is a Song of Happiness
13 SEP 2020—7 FEB 2021
Ann Oren. Passage
13 SEP 2020—21 FEB 2021
M1 VideoSpace
The Invented History
13 SEP 2020—21 FEB 2021
Openings 12 SEP, 10am—10pm