Quarantine Dreams by David OReilly

Berliner Festspiele/Immersion

David OReilly, ›Quarantine Dreams‹ from the series ›Corona Voicemails‹, 2020


›Quarantine Dreams‹ is part of the ›Corona Voicemails‹ trilogy by David OReilly. In it, people report on their intensive personal experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. For the three short films, David OReilly set up a mailbox for anonymous voicemails, where people could and still can share their sorrows, observations and dreams during the lockdown. The resulting films are a mesmerizing and unsettling journey that intertwines individual thoughts and subconscious fears—documenting and bringing to consciousness the collective global trauma that continues to influence our daily lives. ›Corona Voicemails‹ not only reflects upon the effects of ›social distancing‹, but also emphasises a different form of togetherness, in which experiences and the changes in our daily lives are collectively shared. ›Corona Voicemails‹ consists of three parts: ›Quarantine Dreams‹ (2020), ›Staying Home‹ (2020) and ›Sudden Black Hole‹ (2020).


The New Infinity. Neue Kunst für Planetarien
11—13 SEP 2020
Zeiss-Großplanetarium Berlin
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