Talk: Nachhaltigkeit in der Kunstwelt—(un-)lösbare Herausforderungen ?

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The pandemic has shown us new lifestyles and accelerated upheavals in all areas of society and also in the art world. We have seen what is suddenly possible when external circumstances force us to do so? A return to this ›old normal‹ now seems to be no longer practicable for the majority of people, or at least to be questioned. Now it is up to all of us to answer the question of how we want to shape our future. Why not come up with ›wild‹ visions so that we can even imagine this future more vividly? ›Good To Talk 2021‹: ›Wild Visions‹ tries to bring together as many different people as possible, not only from the classic art world, but from a wide variety of disciplines in order to discuss these and other important questions of our time. Time is running out: It’s Good To Talk!
(Text—Gilles Neiens)

18 SEP, 5—6pm

The sustainability debate has hit the art world as well. What has already been initiated and where is there still a need to catch up? What role can art and culture also play in raising questions about the environment in society as a whole and in setting an example?

Carolin Leistenschneider (Gallerist)
Andreas Greiner (Artist)
Stephan Klee (Chairman of Frontviews & Curator)
Kristian Jarmuschek (Gallerist and Director of POSITIONS Berlin)


Location: Frontviews at HAUNT
Kluckstraße 23A, 10785 Berlin