Illusions by Emilio Cordero Checa and July Weber at NEW FEARS, Foto: Emilio Cordero Checa

A Stroll Through Wedding

14—17 SEP / 3—5pm (German)
14—17 SEP / 5.30—7.30pm (English)

Join artist and art educator Thesea Rigou on a journey to explore Wedding’s diverse contemporary art scene. Visit venues like the communal Galerie Wedding, the New Fears project space, non-profit arts centre Savvy Contemporary, the cultural hub Uferhallen, or even a local Späti (late-night corner shop).

Stops: Savvy Contemporary—New Fears-Galerie für Performance und Transdisziplinarität—n.b.k. in den Uferhallen—Galerie im Wedding

Guided by: Thesea Rigou

Unfortunately, the tour is not barrier-free.