Critic´s Guides 2022


There’s still some time to go until Berlin Art Week 2022 kicks off on 14 SEP 2022 with its diverse events and exhibitions—fortunately, you can shorten the wait with some reading material: in special issues and guides, the magazines and newspapers Monopol, Der Freitag, Weltkunst, and Berlin Art Link report on artists and collectors as well as all the important exhibitions and background information you need for the 11th edition of Berlin Art Week.

In the September issue of Monopol, available from today, you will find a special on Berlin Art Week 2022. In addition to a general overview of the programme and news from the art city Berlin, you will get detailed insights into many of the exhibitions and exhibition venues of Berlin Art Week and can learn more about the participating artists in exciting portraits. Columnist Oliver Koerner von Gustorf writes about the grotesque theatrical art of American artist Leila Hekmat, whose works you can marvel at at Haus am Waldsee. Victor Sattler portrays the London artist Mona Hatoum, and Laura Ewert asks about the future of the Uferhallen in her report ›Wem gehört die Stadt‹ (Who owns the city) and talks to the artists working there. You will also receive helpful tips and suggestions for your visit to Berlin Art Week 2022.

Der Freitag
Der Freitag will once again feature Berlin Art Week in a detailed special issue. You can expect both fascinating insights into a selection of Berlin Art Week exhibitions as well as glimpses behind the scenes: In a variety of interviews and portraits, collectors and artists provide information about their work. Among others the focus will be on KW on Location: ›KW on Location: Rachel Rossin. The Maw Of‹, ›And I trust You‹ in the Miettinen Collection, and the Uferhallen as an art venue in Berlin-Wedding. The Berlin Art Week special will be available from 8 SEP 2022.

In the next Weltkunst edition (issue 203/2022), which will be published on 30 AUG 2022, Christiane Meixner presents the programme of Berlin Art Week on several pages. Focal points include Postions Berlin Art Fair, Neue Nationalgalerie, Anna Uddenberg at Schinkel Pavillon as well as artist Mona Hatoum and queer Chinese multimedia artist LuYang (he/him), who was awarded the title ›Artist of the Year 2022‹ and will be on display at PalaisPopulaire during Berlin Art Week.

With an extensive radio special, radioeins will report live from Berlin Art Week on 14 SEP 2022. From 7—9pm, the programme will be presented and there will be numerous interviews with great insights and personal stories. Guests include artist Asta Gröting, filmmaker Sebastian Lifshitz, Leila Hekmat, Olaf Stüber from Video Art at Midnight and Positions Berlin Art Fair. Be sure to listen in!

Berlin Art Link
The online art magazine Berlin Art Link presents personal highlights for Berlin Art Week 2022 in a preview article. These include Mona Hatoum’s three-part exhibition at Kindl—Center for Contemporary Art, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k), and Georg Kolbe Museum, the show ›Queerness in Photography‹ at C/O Berlin and the collaboration of 15 Berlin galleries in ›Hallen#3‹ at Wilhelm Hallen. In addition to the Berlin Art Week feature, Berlin Art Link has also put together a hotel and restaurant guide for the perfect Berlin Art Week weekend!