HAU4—A Place for Digital Experiments

Film still, April Lin - Now I Close My Eyes The World I See Is Beautiful

HAU4's digital stage explores the understanding of performing art with 11 video works.

The digital stage HAU4, the most recent addition at the independent theatre and art complex HAU Hebbel am Ufer, was called into existence in the 2020/2021 season. On this platform, work is shown that is designed especially for the online space and explores the endless possibilities of the digital world. HAU4 sees itself not only as a stage for artistic performances, but also as a research platform where the performing arts and the digital encounter one another. This interface is intended to foster innovative projects that expand the limits of theatre and enable new forms of production.

»Since the start of our digital stage HAU4, we have been interested in forms that are especially conceived for the digital and hybrid space. In so doing, we combine queer-feminist utopia research with a playful experimentation with digital tools. In the face of current technological developments, the projects combine a tech-positive and a critical approach. At HAU4, spectators can experience live performances, games, workshops, online exhibitions, film, video and sound art. To be as close as possible to the cultures of the internet, we use already existing platforms«, as the digital dramaturge at HAU Sarah Reimann explains.

Beside the promotion of innovation in the performing arts, the creation of offerings that are as inclusive as possible has been a constant aspiration of HAU4.

By integrating low-barrier functions, such as subtitles, audio-descriptions and sign language, the participation of people with various abilities in the artistic performances is enabled.

The online exhibition ›Presents:2023‹ being held as part of this year’s Berlin Art Week shows how not only participation can be low-barrier. The exhibition curated by Frances Breden and RA Walden brings together video works by thirteen artists who are ill, disabled, deaf, and caring, and expand our understanding of the performing arts and show that performance does not require non-disabled or physically present bodies. In addition to the video works, each artist developed tasks with ›performative scores‹ that the spectators should carry out at their own homes.

With Saioa Alvarez Ruiz & Katrin Bittl, Khairani Barokka, Zinzi Buchanan, Brothers Sick, Chloe Pascal Crawford, Venesse Guy, April Lin 林森, Seo Hye Lee, Laura Lulika & Hang Linton, RA Walden, and Misra Walker.

The premiere ›Presents:2023‹ will be held on 13 SEP at 5pm: a link will be provided. The works will then be available at the HAUthek until 17 SEP.

On 20 OCT Frances Breden und RA Walden will bring ›Presents:2023‹ to the theatre space HAU2.