»I made soup and it’s all for you …«

Two figures from the Berlin art world select a link and tell us something about it. This week: Anne Schwanz and Daniel Völzke

Anna Ehrenstein & Heiko Thandeka-Ncube, ›Kunstgriff ins Klo‹

The text by Anna Ehrenstein and Heiko-Thandeka Ncube deals quite specifically with the subject of racism in the German and the international art world. On various levels, the two underscore the importance of daily engagement with the issue and explore how productive solidarity can be found. »To penetrate our perspective as non-universal and not reacting to criticism like a cry baby is a prerequisite for a commitment to ›human dignity‹« (Anna Ehrenstein).

Anne Schwanz, gallerist, is cofounder of OFFICE IMPART with Johanna Neuschäffer.


Issy Wood, ›Soup feat. Chloe Wise‹

Now and again, New York painter Chloe Wise presents songs on her wonderful Instagram channel—often spontaneously thought up. Some time ago, she sang of the ambivalent feelings that a progressive woman could have while cooking. On the one hand, someone in love tries to win over a heart with the age-old trick of cooking a soup, at the same time, it’s important to not cook for any old boor and not to refuse recognition for unpaid domestic labour just for a little love (her original posting can be found here. Issy Wood, another U.S. painter, added lo-fi beats to Chloe Wise’s ironic sentimental piece and illustrated it with animated TV ads for Campbell’s Soup from the 1950s. And all done: a small dance discourse on the always already complex relationship between the genders.

Daniel Völzke is online director for ›Monopol. Magazin für Kunst und Leben‹. His favourite soup is minestrone.


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