Rachel Maddow and a Grandiose Narrator


Each week, we ask two protagonists of the Berlin art scene to choose a link and tell us about it. This week: Jonas Englert and Ivo Wessel


I have been watching the ›Rachel Maddow Show‹ for several years now. Maddow’s way of getting to the bottom of things, her handling of the medium television is incomparable. I could link to practically any one of her shows here. Instead, I would like to share an interview with her in which she speaks, among other things, about how she deals with alternative facts. (»Having to clean up after your guest is a sort of ›fool me once‹ thing, like: ›When I told my audience that you were somebody worth listening to because you had something to contribute to our understanding of the world, I was wrong. I’ve goodnighted you. I won’t invite you back.‹«—Rachel Maddow)

Jonas Englert, artist. His works are held in the collections of the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C., the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and the Ivo Wessel Collection, Berlin, among others


In Search of the Lost Images: If there is no truly plausible excuse for not reading Marcel Proust’s novel of the century—with a good dozen pages a day you’re finally through after a good year—there is also no reason to limit one’s knowledge of Wim Wenders to the—admittedly—Matterhorns ›Kings of the Road‹ (1976) ,›Paris, Texas‹ (1984) or ›Wings of Desire‹ (1987). Until mid-September 2020, the ARD Media Library offers access to almost all films in Full-HD quality, which make you irresistibly keen watching the rest of the remaining films produced after ›Pina‹ (2011) (such as the underrated ›Every Thing Will Be Fine‹, 2015). Even fans might not know ›Reverse Angle‹ (1982), the director’s cut of ›Until the End of the World‹ (1991) or ›The State of Things‹ (1982) yet. On the occasion of Berlin Art Week 2020 I am showing some photos taken during the shooting of the latter, my favourite movie. 30 films—start right away! A lifetime of visual pleasure. Afterwards distractions through Berlin Art Week are also allowed. »Proust readers have an advantage«, Martin Walser already knew. Wenders connoisseurs see more clearly. No kidding.

Ivo Wessel, art collector and software developer with three obsessions: Art, books, and computers


Jonas Englert. ›Circles I‹ and ›Zoon Politikon‹
two multi-channel video works
on display at the Ivo Wessel Collection

Visit of the Ivo Wessel Collection
Open Houses Werkhof L.57
11 SEP, 5—9pm,
12—13 SEP, 2—8pm

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