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A Sunday Afternoon

with artworks, performances and open studios

On a sunday afternoon. with artworks, performances and open studios, visitors can expect a live program with contributions by Ayumi Paul, Constanza Macras | DorkyPark and Susan Philipsz, among others. In addition, the exhibition spaces of the collection and the studios on the premises of FAHRBEREITSCHAFT will be open.  

As official partner of Berlin Art Week, the haubrok foundation cordially invites you to a sunday afternoon. with artworks, performances and open on 17 SEP.

The opening will take place at 12 pm at the make-up house of Jean-Pascal Flavien, which is located on the site of San Gimignano Lichtenberg, a project by architect Arno Brandlhuber, and very close to FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. For a year now, Flavien has been inviting artists to interact with the place. On 17 SEP Natalie Czech will be performing there with her action response / response, in which she has writers react to the poems of others and record this photographically.

Afterwards, the live program continues on the premises of FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, with open studios and the exhibition the collection. curated by krist gruijthuijsen.

Ayumi Paul begins with a guided meditation amidst works by artist Jonathan Monk: in Being Sound she creates with her own voice a place that is not only visible, but above all audible.

Afterwards, the dancers of Garage Tanz will present a series of projects in their collaborative space that performatively explore the interface between dance and performing arts. There will be contributions by Joshua Rutter, Irene Accardo, Marie Rechsteiner and Maria Walser, among others.

As in Being Sound, the voice is also essential in The Fall (Part II): together with Luca Diebold, Susan Philipsz questions the phenomenon of canon as a process of constant imitation and change. With the support of keyboard and synthesizer, the work of the same name from 2021 is modulated almost beyond recognition.

The dance company DorkyPark around Constanza Macras, which is based on site, will then show an excerpt from their new piece The Visitors, which recently celebrated its premiere in Johannesburg. In Visitors Unplug Excerpts, as the excerpt is titled, the genre of slasher films in the context of apartheid, colonial heritage and corruption is traced. The young protagonists have to escape the impending horror without the help of adults in a world without stability and structure.

The Ensemble KNM Berlin closes the live program with the concert Listening Cities – Taipei. In it, the musicians make the Taiwanese capital sound, but not only in its musical context, but especially in its geographical, social, political and historical one. As in the other two editions of the concert series, Kiev and Lima, Taipei is marked by the threat for cultural identities – a circumstance that KNM captures in contemporary music.


response / response
Jean-Pascal Flavien and Natalie Czech
(location: make-up house, Am Wasserwerk 22f, 10365 Berlin)

Being Sound
Ayumi Paul

various positions
Garage Tanz

The Fall (Part II)
Susan Philipsz and Luca Diebold

Visitors Unplug Excerpts
Constanza Macras | Dorkypark

Listening Cities – Taipei
Ensemble KNM Berlin

the collection
curated by krist gruijthuijsen
haubrok foundation

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