Christopher Cozier, Home/Portal, 2017, digitale Farbfotografie. © Mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Künstlers
Exhibition Opening

Beyond, the Sea Sings

Diasporic Intimacies and Labor

The exhibition ›Más Allá, el Mar Canta‹ at Times Art Center Berlin explores the Chinese diaspora in Central America and the Caribbean as a starting point to consider systems of kinship and ontologies of encounter.

Within historical recounts of colonialism, narratives of diasporic intimacies are registered as minor events or as private conundrums, obliterating their existence as creative forces that sustained the reproduction of communal life-forms and cultures of resilience. Alongside the violence of colonial labor, people first found one another and lived together. The exhibition ›Más Allá, el Mar Canta‹curated by Pablo José Ramírez, borrows its name and takes inspiration from the book by the Afro-Chinese Cuban writer Regino Pedroso. With this work, Pedroso won the Cuban Poetry Prize in 1939, earning him acclaim as a truly unique voice of Latin American literature. The artists presented in the exhibition give voice to a collective memory of diasporic subjectivities invoking traces of colonial spectralities.

Curated by Pablo José Ramírez

Artists: Esvin Alarcón Lam, Sybil Atteck, Nicole Awai, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Andrea Chung, Colectivo Hapa, Christopher Cozier, Richard Fung, Mimian Hsu, Peng Zuqiang, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Humberto Vélez, David Zink Yi

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