Body and Race in the City

Discussion with Nadim Samman, Camille Martin-Thomsen and Alex Schweder

4 AUG 2020

»As architects, we have the power to narrate the experience and empower communities. If we can fully engage in the difficult and necessary work of creating equity in our learning and physical environments while imparting beauty and maintaining good humour, then it is truly a job well done«—so says Camille Martin-Thomsen (Pratt Institute), concerning her work as a professor and architect. Together with Nadim Samman (KW Institute for Contemporary Art) and the artist and architect Alex Schweder, she discusses where ethics and aesthetics meet, and the prospects for desegregating climate change, race, and the city.

As part of the series der ›EC(centri)City —Die exzentrische Stadt‹ and the exhibition ›urbainable—stadthaltig. Positionen zur europäischen Stadt im 21. Jahrhundert‹ at the Akademie der Künste in 2020.

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