»Building« on Corona

Discussion with Nadim Samman, Carson Chan and Gustav Düsing

5 AUG 2020

Curator Nadim Samman (KW Institute for Contemporary Art) speaks to architectural theorist Carson Chan and architect Gustav Düsing about their collaboration ›Notes on Fortnightism‹ (2020)—a research project and short film addressing architecture in the post-COVID era. The state of emergency triggered by the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has led to isolation and social distancing worldwide. Chan and Düsing explore what consequences this has for the development for architectural agendas. Based on the proven model of the tent with communal and private spaces, simple technology, guaranteed mobility and diverse interior structures/cells, they speculate on the vision of a ›quarantine camp‹ for the 21st century.

As part of the series der ›EC(centri)City —Die exzentrische Stadt‹ and the exhibition ›urbainable—stadthaltig. Positionen zur europäischen Stadt im 21. Jahrhundert‹ at the Akademie der Künste in 2020.

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