Notes on Fortnightism—Carson Chan & Gustav Düsing

Anlässlich der Berlin Art Week präsentiert das ›Ec(centri)City – Die exzentrische Stadt‹ ein ausgewähltes Filmprogramm, das zahlreiche, zum Teil auch auch bislang unveröffentliche kritische und visionäre Beiträge zum Thema von insgesamt 11 internationalen Künstlern*innen zeigt.

Notes on Fortnightism (2020), Carson Chan & Gustav Düsing, 6 min.

Pathogens do not follow spatial or temporal boundaries, and neither should architecture’s response to disease outbreaks. ›Notes on Fortnightism‹ (2020) features the Responsive Care Center, easy set-up medical quarantine tents that pop-up around the world where needed. Easily stored and shipped, Responsive Care Centers are designed to mitigate disease spread, preventing epidemics from becoming pandemics that, as we know by now, can bring human activity to a grinding stop. The name of the film refers to the two-week incubation period of the coronavirus currently causing the Covid-19 pandemic. This period of neither work nor leisure, held in suspension between existing categories, will define a new cultural regime that span the globe. Fortnightism, an evolving threory described here in note form, argues that this period constitutes a new spatial and temporal paradigm through which humanity reconsiders its patterns of living and ethics of being.