›Double Negative Captchas‹ an a Book by Vincent Bevins


Each week, we ask two protagonists of Berlin Art Week to choose a link and tell us about it. This week: !Mediengruppe Bitnik and Sung Tieu


1000 Scores, Pieces for Here, Now & Later

What do we miss most during a time when access to art is limited with Galleries, Museums, Clubs closed? That it has become so much harder to stumble across unexpected cultural input. 1000 Scores is here to help. It is a timely series of instructions for online performances initiated by the composer David Helbich, the co-founder of Rimini Protokoll, Helgard Haug and the dramaturge Cornelius Puschke. Artists with a wide range of different practices propose an action which viewers can discover and then perform. One of our favourites is RYBN’s Double Negative Captchas, where we are asked to act like a bot. The idea is to trick the online resource into accepting that you are a bot by behaving like an online bot. It’s the opposite of what you do every time you solve a captcha to prove that you are human. (But, let’s hope this pandemic is over long before the website reaches 1000 Scores.)

!Mediengruppe Bitnik are artists working on and with the Internet. Their works are held in the collection of the Kunsthaus Zurich, the Migros Museum Zurich, and the Ivo Wessel Collection, Berlin, among others.


Vincent Bevins, ›How »Jakarta« Became the Codeword for US-Backed Mass Killing‹

I am lucky enough to call Vincent my friend. When he signed his book deal in 2017, we just met in Hanoi, Vietnam, and throughout the following two years, I was able to visit him in Indonesia, follow his research, and discuss his thinking and writing. The result is a timely document about our contemporary world, one violently enforced through the advancement of capitalist democracy under the name of an anti-communist ideology. The American-backed mass murder in Indonesia from 1965 to 1966 took almost one million lives, targeting civilian opponents of Washington’s world view. Bevins’ recently published book ›The Jakarta Method: Washington’s Anticommunist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program That Shaped Our World‹, like nothing else, contextualises the multifaceted ways our liberal Western world has been built on the silencing and killing of suspected communist and leftist communities. This narrative is, once again, more present than ever with far-right extremism on the rise.

Sung Tieu is an artist.


Besuch der Sammlung—Werkhof L.57
11 SEP, 5—9pm
12—13 SEP, 2—8pm
Touch. Nona Inescu, Jimmy Robert und Sung Tieu
4 SEP—10 OCT 2020
Magical Soup
6 SEP 2020—3 JAN 2021

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