»The Secret to Effect Lies in Affect«


Each week, we ask two protagonists of the Berlin art scene to choose a link and tell us about it. This week: Marie DuPasquier and Ewa Dziarnowska


»Imagine: you go to the studio, you are alone. You enter an almost empty space, sometimes of a size of your living room, sometimes of a size of a small church. There are always curtains in there, as if it was a peep show salon. You prefer it dark, this way it feels much more comfortable, the space gets more concentrated, dense: air dust, artificial electric light particles, warmth radiating from the heaters«. When I started collaborating with Ewa, I got to know her #danceporn studio practice work meant to be an extended research. Alone, in front of the camera, Ewa Dziarnowska let herself be informed by her studio dispositive and improvisation practice. Raw, impulsive, sharp, sometimes elusive, her movements reduce to essential dance gestures. The corporeal experience, devoid of any narrative tension, is translated into unmanipulated self-recorded video material. »You follow the rule: the secret to effect lies in affect.«

Marie DuPasquier is a Swiss independent curator and museologist, living between Zürich and Berlin running the Project Space DISPLAY.


In a recent photo series by Milena Liebe for the online magazine poptown.eu, Filipka (also known as Filip Rutkowski) guides us through ›the most sophisticated buildings‹ of Warsaw revealing a queer body at the center of this urban background. The contrast lies with this urban landscape in the grip of the political drifts fostering polarization and exclusion. Filipka offers us a walk in the public sphere, communicating genderfluid experiences and non-normative sexualities in today’s Poland.

Ewa Dziarnowska is a dancer, choreographer and performer.

Ewa Dziarnowska
12—13 SEP 2020
Solo Performances
12 SEP 7pm, 7.30pm, 8pm, 8.30pm
13 SEP 5pm, 5.30pm, 6pm, 6.30pm

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