ABA Air Salon by Rhona Muehlebach

›ABA Air Salon‹ by Rhona Muehlebach (CH/UK) 

A 20 minute radio-piece put together by Rhona Mühlebach. We take you on an audio open studio visit in Berlin Grunewald. Rhona Mühlebach has written a short narrative in which different threads of her recent research are woven together, and presented as a short radio play. It is an unfinished audio sketch of her new video-piece which she was working on during her residency in Berlin in Winter 2020/21. By trying out the written language, taking it into one’s mouth, the rewriting of it begins immediately. After the play you will listen to the song ›The Stillness‹ by  Lafawndah. The idea of an auditive open studio appears again: Rhona Mühlebach has chosen this song as it was often playing in her studio and something resonates between the song, her reading and the narrative she has written.

ABA x Playlist Berlin Art Week

For the Berlin Art Week a special program composed by Aleksander Komarov, Julia Herfurth, Susanne Kriemann

Invited guests: Ambasada Kultury (BY), Alfatih (CH), CMMC (BE/NL), Magali Dougoud (CH), Elena Francalanci (IT), Zhanna Gladko (BY), Vanessà Heer (CH), Aleksander Komarov (BY/DE), Rhona Mühlebach (CH/UK), Marina Naprushkina (BY/DE), Stéphanie Rosianu (CH), Sergey Shabohin (BY), Soundtrackcity (NL)