B2B by Vanessà Heer

›B2B‹ by Vanessà Heer (CH)
Mix by Caroline Ann Baur & Vanessà Heer

B2B between Beirut and Berlin, vava_san aka Vanessà Heer and CAB aka Caroline Ann Baur created this mix as a bridge to maintain their collaborative work between two worlds. Coloured by the acute state of emergency in Lebanon, where the electricity grid has collapsed and an unseen economic collapse dominates people’s everyday lives, this mix is also an ode to the crisis-ridden Arab world, but also a journey from Europe to the Middle East and back.

Caroline Ann Baur—surplus resiliance II
Fatima Al Qadiri—Malaak
Craig Leon—The Gates Made Plain
Vanessà Heer—Tune In For The Archipelago Series
Vanessà Heer w/Otis Thomet—We Head Out: Gravity Track 2
Prequel Tapes—On The Run
Sukitoa o Namau—Bi Qalbi Abni Lek Bait
Chant Electronique—Kamen Gori
Land of Kush—Broken Maqams
Brodinski x Low Jack—Andaman Sea
HHY & The Kampala Unit—Hunter
Deena Abdelwahed—Zardet Sidi Bagra
Raed Yassin—Imama of Dawn

ABA x Playlist Berlin Art Week

For the Berlin Art Week a special program composed by Aleksander Komarov, Julia Herfurth, Susanne Kriemann

Invited guests: Ambasada Kultury (BY), Alfatih (CH), CMMC (BE/NL), Magali Dougoud (CH), Elena Francalanci (IT), Zhanna Gladko (BY), Vanessà Heer (CH), Aleksander Komarov (BY/DE), Rhona Mühlebach (CH/UK), Marina Naprushkina (BY/DE), Stéphanie Rosianu (CH), Sergey Shabohin (BY), Soundtrackcity (NL)