Sounds of Breaking Window—A Radio Salon on the human Voice as an artistic Means

Participating artists: Magali Dougoud, Nickel van Duijvenboden, Wendelien van Oldenborgh
Moderation: Julia Herfurth, Beatrijs Dikker (ABA Air Berlin Alexanderplatz)

This radio salon brings together artists who are using the human voice as an artistic means.The use of voice as an instrument for expressing, exchanging, debating or negotiating observations and thoughts, has been a common thread through out the Salons organized by ABA over the past 10 years. Whether imposing a monologue, embroiled in dialog or bursting out in polyphony: voices often not only serve as a means of presentation, but also an artistic material within itself.Together with four of ABA’s alumni residents, we will connect different understandings and artistic approaches of the use of the voice, aiming to grasp ways in which they overlap, bouncing between the idea of the human voice as being a vehicle of thought, a source of aesthetic adoration or for example as an attempt of countering certain canons.While listening to different voice-based audio pieces of the participating artists, we alternately talk about the metaphysical, linguistic, political, ethical and ethnological dimensions of the voice and its paradoxical relationship with the human body as well as the entanglement of the voice in the development in communication technologies.


About the participating Artists:

Magali Dougoud is an artist based in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is mainly working with video, text, and installation. In her artistic research, she is looking to dismantle dominant historical and scientific stories to find other possible subjectivities. She develops an emancipatory feminine imagination through notions such as liquidity—as a heterogeneous means of communication -, violence, desire, origin, plural and inter-species intelligence. She uses collective and intimate narratives that constitute empirical knowledge.

Nickel van Duijvenboden is a writer, artist, singer and translator. Since a working period at the Rijksakademie (2014—15) Nickel has exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad and has devoted himself to finding his own form of performative recitation. In his works a very personal writing practice is revealed through the use of correspondence of letters, sound recordings and the musicality of language. He is currently investigating the compositional and physical implications of his writing and visual practice through song and rhythm.

Wendelienvan Oldenborgh is an artist based in Rotterdam whose practice explores social relations through an investigation of gesture in the public sphere. She often uses the format of a public film shoot, collaborating with participants in different scenarios, to co-produce a script and orientate the work towards its final outcome, which can be film, or other forms of projection.

ABA x Playlist Berlin Art Week

For the Berlin Art Week a special program composed by Aleksander Komarov, Julia Herfurth, Susanne Kriemann

Invited guests: Ambasada Kultury (BY), Alfatih (CH), CMMC (BE/NL), Magali Dougoud (CH), Elena Francalanci (IT), Zhanna Gladko (BY), Vanessà Heer (CH), Aleksander Komarov (BY/DE), Rhona Mühlebach (CH/UK), Marina Naprushkina (BY/DE), Stéphanie Rosianu (CH), Sergey Shabohin (BY), Soundtrackcity (NL)