Debate the Public Space

Discussion with Matthias Sauerbruch, Regine Keller, Britta Peters and Arno Brandlhuber (in German)

4 AUG 2020

Matthias Sauerbruch (Architect, Berlin) discusses with Regine Keller (landscape architect, Munich), the curator Britta Peters, Arno Brandlhuber (architect, Berlin) the state and future of public space today. Where does the public life actually take place and where is it visible? What kind of debates need to be held?—The conditions of public space are and need to constantly being negotiated and in motion. The roundtable criticizes the strict restriction of public space through various regulatory mechanisms and states that there is little openness to artistic, urban planning and structural experiments. These deficits and conflicts become visible, especially in extreme times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

At what point can artists, urban planners, architects and landscape architects intervene? How do we deal with property issues in public space today, and what does idealized action in public space, completely free from the compulsion to consume, look like?

As part of the series der ›EC(centri)City —Die exzentrische Stadt‹ and the exhibition ›urbainable—stadthaltig. Positionen zur europäischen Stadt im 21. Jahrhundert‹ at the Akademie der Künste in 2020.

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