Bootleg Oracle by Alfatih

›Bootleg Oracle‹ , 2020, Video, 3 min 26 sec by Alfatih (CH)

For Bootleg Oracle, Alfatih used a synthetic media software to animate domestic objects with the voices of political leaders delivering speeches. During a period of separateness and physical isolation, experiences of public life have become further detached from a sense of a collective body. The voices of leaders across the globe, who attempt to pacify and manipulate via political speech, is seen instead creeping into domestic voids, acting as the occupant of dim unpeopled rooms.

Text by Swiss Institute, New York

ABA x Playlist Berlin Art Week

For the Berlin Art Week a special program composed by Aleksander Komarov, Julia Herfurth, Susanne Kriemann

Invited guests: Ambasada Kultury (BY), Alfatih (CH), CMMC (BE/NL), Magali Dougoud (CH), Elena Francalanci (IT), Zhanna Gladko (BY), Vanessà Heer (CH), Aleksander Komarov (BY/DE), Rhona Mühlebach (CH/UK), Marina Naprushkina (BY/DE), Stéphanie Rosianu (CH), Sergey Shabohin (BY), Soundtrackcity (NL)